Other Species

Bullet for list which looks like a mink

All Mink require an import permit and a negative Counterelectrophoresis (CEP) test for Aleutian Disease within 30 days prior to importation into Idaho.

Bullet for list which looks like a llama

Llamas, alpacas, and other camelid species need only a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for importation into Idaho.

Due to Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) All livestock (including cattle, swine, equines, domestic cervidae, and camelids) entering Idaho from Arizona must meet additional requirements. The animals cannot enter Idaho if they originate from a facility within 10 miles of a diagnosed case of VS. All livestock from Arizona requires an entry permit listed on the CVI, as well as the following statement:

"All animals identified on this certificate of veterinary inspection have been examined and found to be free from Vesicular Stomatitis. During the last thirty (30) days; these animals have neither been exposed to Vesicular Stomatitis nor located within an area where Vesicular Stomatitis has been diagnosed."

Bullet for list which looks like a fish

All fish and viable hatching eggs imported into Idaho require:
            - A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, Title 50 Certification or
AFS Health Inspection;
            - An import permit; and
            - An invoice or bill of lading that clearly describes the origin,
              species, inventory, lot number and destination of all fish in the               shipment.

If the animal species you are wanting to import has not been covered by the information here, please call the department at (208) 332-8540 or (208) 332-8560 and someone will be able to assist you with any questions you have.