Legal Scales Rules Administered by the ISDA

02.01.01 Rules of Practice and Procedure
02.01.02 Interest Charge Rules
02.01.03 Airborne Control of Unprotected and Predatory Animals
02.01.04 Rules Governing the Idaho PreferredTM Promotion Program
02.01.05 Rules Governing Certificates of Free Sale
02.02.02 Controlled Atmosphere Storage
02.02.03 Apple Grades
02.02.04 Standards for Grades of Apples
02.02.05 Prune Standards
02.02.06 Standards for Grades of Sweet Cherries
02.02.07 Bulk Permit Procedure (Potatoes)
02.02.09 Required Inspection of Potatoes Intended for Sale or Offered for Sale in Retail Outlets
02.02.10 Standards for Apricots
02.02.11 Eggs and Egg Products
02.02.12 Bonded Warehouse
02.02.13 Commodity Dealers
02.02.14 Weights and Measures
02.02.15 Rules Governing The Seed Indemnity Fund
02.03.01 Rules Governing Pesticide Management Plans For Ground Water Protection
02.03.03 Pesticide and Chemigation Use and Application
02.04.01 Standards of Deputy State Veterinarians
02.04.02 Rules for Duties of Deputy State Veterinarians
02.04.03 Animal Industries
02.04.04 Artificial Dairy Products
02.04.05 Dairy Standards for Manufacture Grade Milk
02.04.06 Requirements for Licensed Dairy Plants
02.04.08 Rules Governing Grade A Milk and Milk Products
02.04.13 Rules Governing Retail Raw Milk
02.04.14 Rules Governing Dairy Waste
02.04.15 Rules of the Department of Agriculture Governing Beef Cattle Animal Feeding Operations
02.04.16 Rules Governing Agriculture Odor Management
02.04.17 Rules Governing Dead Animal Movement and Disposal
02.04.18 Rules Governing CAFO Site Advisory Team
02.04.19 Rules Governing Domestic Cervidae
02.04.20 Rules Governing Brucellosis
02.04.21 Rules Governing the Importation Of Animals
02.04.22 Rules Governing Animal Health Emergencies
02.04.23 Rules Governing Commercial Livestock Truck Washing Facilities
02.04.24 Rules Governing Tuberculosis
02.04.25 Rules Governing Private Feeding of Big Game Animals
02.04.26 Rules Governing Livestock Marketing
02.04.27 Rules Governing Deleterious Exotic Animals
02.04.28 Rules Governing Livestock Dealers, Buying Stations, and Livestock Trader Lots
02.04.29 Rules Governing Trichomoniasis
02.04.30 Rules Governing Nutrient Management
02.06.01 Pure Seed Law
02.06.02 Rules Pertaining to the Idaho Commercial Feed Law
02.06.03 Nurseries and Florists Law
02.06.04 Phytosanitary and Post-Entry Seed Certification
02.06.05 Rules Governing Diseases of Hops - Humulus Iupulus
02.06.06 Bacterial Disease of Beans, Phaseolus Species
02.06.07 White Rot Disease of Onions (Sclerotium Cepivorum)
02.06.08 Quarantine Rules Pertaining to Apples and Cherries
02.06.09 Rules Governing Invasive Species
02.06.10 Rules Governing the Potato Cyst Nematode (Globodera pallida)
02.06.11 European Corn Borer (Ostrinia Nubilalis)
02.06.12 Idaho Fertilizer Law
02.06.13 Rapeseed Production and Establishment of Rapeseed Districts
02.06.14 Annual Bluegrass, (Poa annua)
02.06.15 Peach Tree Diseases
02.06.16 Crop Residue Disposal Rules
02.06.17 Rules Concerning the Disposal of Cull Onion and Potatoes
02.06.18 Mint Rootstock and Clone Production
02.06.20 Grape Quarantine Planting Stock
02.06.21 Voluntary Public Services of the Idaho Department of Agriculture Laboratories
02.06.22 Noxious Weeds
02.06.24 Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica)
02.06.25 Rules Governing the Planting of Beans, other than Phaseolus Species
02.06.26 Rules Concerning Seed Potato Crop Management Areas
02.06.27 Bacterial Ring Rot Caused by (Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus) of Potato
02.06.29 Non-Native Phytophagous Snails
02.06.30 Bee Inspection Law
02.06.31 Noxious Weed Free Forage and Straw Certification Rules
02.06.32 The Anthracnose Disease of Lentil, Lens Culinaris Medik
02.06.33 Organic Food Products Rules 
02.06.34 Rules Concerning Virus-Free Certification of Nursery Stock
02.06.35 Rules Concerning Rough Bluegrass, (Poa trivialis)
02.06.38 Rules Governing the Plum Curculio (Conotrachelus nenuphar)
02.06.39 Rules Governing Minimum Standards for Planting Uncertified Seed Potatoes in Idaho
02.06.40 Rules Governing Ginseng Export
02.06.41 Rules Pertaining to the Soil and Plant Amendment Act of 2001
02.07.01 Hop Growers' Commission
02.08.01 Sheep and Goat Rules